Client: American West Development

EPOXY OBSERVATIONS  GES observes installation of adhesive anchorages with epoxy resin on houses built on post-tensioned slab foundations at any American West Development projects in Clark County as required in QAA Agreement. We evaluate the cleanliness of drilled holes in the concrete.  We also evaluate that the drilled depths and diameters of the holes are in accordance with the approved plans or engineer’s detail and observe that the proper epoxy adhesive is being used, and that the anchorage is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  We prepare a report of our observation for each lot on the Clark County Department of Building Inspection Services Adhesive Anchorage of Rods/Bolts Special Inspection Report.  An engineer will review the report and we will deliver the report to the Clark County Department of Development Services.

PLUMBING LATERAL TESTING – GES performs in-place density testing of the plumbing lateral trenches within five (5) feet of the residential footings. We will prepare a daily report of testing results and submit the report to the project superintendent.