21 Jul 2022
July 21, 2022

The E in GES is for Environmental

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The GES environmental team often flies under the radar, taking a back seat to our geotechnical practice along with our special inspections team and materials testing lab.  Yet our environmental team has the experience and expertise to help with many of your project needs.

The importance of the program starts at the top where company founder Greg DeSart, CEM, leads the team.  Greg is a Las Vegas native, University of Nevada, Reno graduate, and a Certified Environmental Manager. Under Greg’s leadership, the practice has thirty years of experience.  He is the President of GES and ensures that high standards of the environmental team and the entire company are upheld.

Greg DeSart, PE, CEM
Mitch Gerlinger, CEM
Eric Wang
Kelly Dustin, PG

Mitch Gerlinger, CEM, is the newest member of the environmental team.  A graduate of California State University, Chico, and a Certified Environmental Manager.  His nearly two decades of experience includes Phase I ESAs, gas and groundwater sampling, underground storage tank removal, and hazmat emergency response management. Mitch’s geology interests are almost genetic.  He became interested at a very young age, as his grandfather was involved in gold mining during the great depression.

Eric Wang is a project geologist for GES.  He has performed environmental site assessments, asbestos inspections, and abatement and for twenty-two years.  A product of New Jersey, Eric has been a Nevada resident for some time. Eric loves going to festivals, but you won’t find him at Burning Man, he is more into the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Kelly Dustin is a registered Professional Geologist with a master’s degree from San Jose State University in Geology and a minor in Communications. At GES, Kelly performs Phase I ESA’s in addition to sampling and monitoring well development, final action completion reports, and development of mitigation measures for contaminated soils. In addition, she provides support to the geotechnical team with soil logging and geologic hazard investigations. Kelly was an avid Irish dancer for seven years and a competitive kickboxer for five years.

Chris Adams
Connor Moore

Chris Adams is a Staff Geologist, who was born and raised in Las Vegas and has a Geology degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He performs Phase I and Phase II ESAs. Prior to joining GES, Chris worked for the Southern Nevada Health District as an environmental scientist focused on new and newly remodeled pools throughout the valley. As a musician, Chris makes electronic music and DJs whenever possible.  He is also an avid gardener doing research on mycelium and mushroom symbiosis as a means of removing heavy metals from soils.

Connor Moore is a Staff Geologist with a master’s degree in Geology from Ohio University. As a member of our firm, Connor performs Phase I ESAs, boring logs, soil sampling and the monitoring of well development. Prior to moving to Nevada, Connor worked at a small museum where he developed a paleontological exhibit.

GES also has staff members with asbestos certifications. A direct result of clients asking for more asbestos consultations. Among the reasons for the increase in asbestos work is a lack of vacant land in urban areas and the general aging of buildings in the entire state. Older properties are being cleared to make way for new, more modern structures.

Growing our environmental team will continue to be a focus of GES in our pursuit to have the strongest environmental program in Nevada.