Scan the better-known engineering colleges in the west and you will find the facilities at UNLV need to catch up in order to stay at the top. Comparable colleges have 93% more space, but that will end with the spring semester of 2024. That is the slated opening for the UNLV Advanced Engineering building.

The new building will rival most other programs of its size. The facility will boast state-of-the-art laboratories to foster the cutting-edge research expected from a Carnegie R1 “very high research” campus. Students will find a “maker space” and “flexatorium” capable of use as a classroom, auditorium, or event space. The second floor will focus on emerging technologies such as electronics and cybersecurity. It will be a “dry” space where chemical or biological species are not used.

GES provided the geotechnical evaluation which included exploratory borings and soil sampling, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and recommendations for design and construction of building. Currently GES is providing materials testing and inspections on several aspects of the project including structural steel framed and reinforced concrete elevated decks, a roofing system supported by isolated and continuous reinforced concrete footings and concrete slabs-on-grade. This includes plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems below and within the structure. In addition, GES is providing materials testing and observations for on-site improvements on sidewalks, curbs, gutter, and landscaped areas.

While this new engineering building will hold a special place in the heart of our engineering firm, we already have a twenty-year history on the UNLV campus. Our story includes the Thomas and Mack Modernization and West Addition, the Tropicana Parking Garage Expansion, the Science and Engineering Building which opened in 2009, Track and Field Improvements, as well as several other projects on campus.

Nevada is our home, and we are proud to provide our services to help close the gap between UNLV and other comparable engineering colleges to make UNLV a competitive choice for top students and researchers.