23 Sep 2014
September 23, 2014

More News……Entry Level Graduates

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Below are shining examples of our successful entry level program. Shawn Sears, Allen Sanders, Ryan Carey, and Eduardo Luis-Sanchez began at our company with no explosure to our industry. After reading about them below, you will be find all of them now have solid careers with many successful years yet to come.

Shawn Sears

Shawn Sears

Shawn Sears, Drilling Program Manager – Shawn Sears joined Eagle Drilling in 2006 as a driller’s assistant, through the GES/Eagle “Entry Level” training program. A little less than three years later, through hard work and a few long hours of study, Shawn passed the examination for his “Well Driller” license and became one of Eagle’s lead drillers. By June of 2012, Shawn’s leadership abilities and communication skills were recognize as an asset to both the company and the clients’, and he was promoted to the position of Drilling Supervisor, responsible for much of the daily operations and writing job proposals. Today, Shawn is the Eagle Drilling Program Manager, a position he has held since January of this year, ensuring that all work conforms to Eagle Drilling Services’ quality standards, client schedules are met, and equipment is properly maintained and supplied.

Allen Sanders-cropped
Allen Sanders



Allen Sanders, Sr. Laboratory Technician –  Raised as the son of a military man, Allen Sanders had already seen much of the world when he joined the Navy and spent seven years aboard a supply ship, traveling abroad for the most part. After his service to the Country, Allen worked a few odd jobs until 2005, when he entered the GES/Eagle “Entry Level” training program as a laboratory technician. In the past nearly ten years, Allen has advanced through the ranks to become a Senior Laboratory Technician and to date has achieved national certifications of proficiency in the testing of soils, aggregates, asphalt, and concrete; providing clients’ with fast turnaround and accurate results. Although Allen’s old Navy ship home is now an artificial reef off the Virginia coast, it lives on as a computer desktop photo in his new home, here at GES.

Ryan Carey 2
Ryan Carey


Ryan Carey, Sr. Special Inspector –  Ryan Carey has worked at GES since 2003. Joining the firm as a Laboratory Technician through the. Over the past 11 years he has gained valuable experience and 14 national level certifications. Today, as a Special Inspector / Materials Testing Technician and the Radiation Safety Officer, Ryan performs construction materials testing and observations on concrete, soils and asphalt. He prepares detailed reports summarizing the daily progress and other events that occur in the field and works closely with the GES Project Managers to assure that our clients’ receive a quality construction product.

Eduardo Luis-Sanchez

Eduardo Luis-Sanchez


Eduardo Luis-Sanchez, Lead Driller –  Eduardo Luis-Sanchez started as a Drillers Assistant through the GES/Eagle “Entry Level” training program and today is a lead driller with over 6 years of experience in geotechnical and environmental drilling, as well as, the abandonment of wells.  Eduardo conscientiously manages various aspects of the day-to-day operations by ensuring the drill rigs are maintained properly and reporting any issues to the Equipment & Logistics Specialist. He is responsible for ensuring that all work conforms to the GES and Eagle quality standards, the client is satisfied with the work, and that all deadlines and schedules are met. He assists in the tracking of various drilling equipment and materials to ensure that client projects are not held up due to lack of materials.