GES has had the privilege of being a part of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Interstate-15/Tropicana Interchange Design-Build (DB) project. Teamed with the CA Group, GES has been providing both environmental consulting and geotechnical related reviews in conjunction with the NDOT group. Kiewit is the Design-Build Contractor for the project who is designing and constructing the fly-over structure, bridges, walls, roadways, signs, utilities, and improvements associated with the Tropicana project.

GES is supporting CA Group for both the preparation of 30% design and Environmental Assessment (EA) documents prior to selection of the DB contractor and for providing Design-Build construction support services to NDOT during the design and construction operations being performed by Kiewit.

During the 30% design and Environmental Assessment (EA) process, GES reviewed available geotechnical documents for the project and worked with CA Group and NDOT to develop DB Procurement documents based on this available information.  In addition, GES reviewed available groundwater information and performed groundwater modelling to estimate groundwater discharge rates during construction dewatering.  This information was utilized, along with publicly available information about recognized environmental conditions in the vicinity of the project, to prepare the preliminary National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit application and submit this permit application to Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP).  In addition, GES prepared a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with ASTM D1527-13 for a new portion of the project for incorporation into an update to the EA documents.

The CA Group team works closely with Kiewit in reviewing project related designs for conformance to the NDOT standard plans and specifications and the overall project expectations. GES works closely with the CA Group and the NDOT geotechnical group in reviewing geotechnical data and evaluation reports prepared by the geotechnical lead for Kiewit. Additionally, GES provides support in reviewing designs related to fly-over structures, bridges, retaining walls, roadways, drainage, utilities and signs.

The Design-Build process is amazing to be a part of, to interact with, and participate with the CA Group, NDOT, and the Kiewit design-build team each with the common goal of constructing a project that meets the public needs, enhances safety, and allows for creativity and innovation. The learning experience is eye-opening to see through the eyes of the structural engineer, roadway engineer, environmental engineer, and/or the drainage engineer on how they interpret the geotechnical engineering and groundwater recommendations and create a design that works within the NDOT criteria and the project expectations. A similar experience occurs when working with the design team and the construction team as the construction team shares their ideas, concerns, and experiences with the design team to enhance the design in a way that is “constructable”. Last but not least is working with the Landscape Architect and seeing their vision for aesthetics and establishing the project theme seamlessly without compromising safety or functionality of the overall project.