Some people are born to be engineers, they only need an ounce of encouragement. They may need to stick their toes in the water and see what type of engineering suits them best. For those curious toes, we created the GES Deep Dig Rotational Internship Program, a multi-year program encompassing every department of our business including geotechnical engineering, environmental, laboratory testing, special inspections and materials testing, and administration.

It takes a special person to qualify for the Deep Dig Rotational Internship. Applications were submitted. Interviews were conducted. GPAs were assessed. Based upon credentials, personality, and intangibles, four budding and diverse professionals stood out from the crowd. 

Left to Right: Joshua, Melissa, Gregg

Melissa is beginning her senior year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, working towards her degree in environmental sciences. She started her internship September 2021 and has worked her way through our administration and lab departments and is currently focused on field work. When GES started considering a rotational internship program, Melissa was chosen to be our guinea pig.

Gregg was raised in California and has a background in fashion. You should see his substantial shoe collection. He is also studying at UNLV with a double major civil and entertainment engineering. Gregg is learning there is more to engineering than tests and numbers during his time in our administrative department. The skills Gregg is learning on the admin team are going to help him become an even more effective engineer.

Josh graduated high school near the top of his class and is currently on the Dean’s list at UNLV where he is studying civil engineering. His current rotation is in our lab where he insists on mastering as many of our testing procedures as possible. Josh has quickly made a name for himself in our lab as he has become an important part of our lab in the short time he has been with GES.

At GES, engineering is more than a business, it is a responsibility. We work every day to make our industry better than it was yesterday.  It is how we make the ground work for you.