03 Sep 2015
September 3, 2015

Commerce Street Sawtooth Infill Project

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The project includes improvements to approximately four miles of Commerce Street, a major collector roadway right-of-way (ROW) that is approximately 80 feet wide, between Cheyenne Avenue and Centennial Parkway. Commerce Street has been improved at various times to reach the current state of construction. Along portions of the alignment that are fully constructed, proposed improvements include resurfacing the existing asphalt concrete through mill and overlay, and possible reconstruction of the roadway pavement sections. Along portions of the alignment that are partially unimproved, mainly on the eastern side of the ROW, proposed improvements include in-filling the ROW with asphalt pavement to the design roadway width and constructing associated pedestrian walkways and landscaping. Storm drain improvements consisting of reinforced concrete pipe or box culverts are also included.


GES’ scope of services included the evaluations of existing pavement, performing a geotechnical evaluation for the proposed project improvements, and providing mill, overlay, reconstruction, and new pavement recommendations in a written geotechnical design report.

Figure A-2