The tides are beginning to turn once again.  In our industry for the past several years we’ve had to brave the storm and do our best to keep afloat.  We are now slowly seeing an increase in workload which is why it’s more important than ever to have happy and productive staff.
It’s safe to assume that we’ve all lost staff to competitors.  Sometimes it’s difficult to not be cynical when it comes to keeping staff happy, but losing staff is inevitable, even the happiest of staff will leave for many different reasons.  Don’t let this be a motivation killer.  Happy staff is the heartbeat of the company.  Happy staff are loyal and engaged in the company which helps increase profits and overall morale. Conversely, when unmotivated or undervalued, the company suffers.  Happy staff miss less work, support change, and are better performers.
Keeping happy staff is easier said than done.  When it comes down to it, happiness is an inside job and comes from within a person.  However, family, friends and work add to or detract from someone’s happiness level.
Happy staff feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. They find satisfaction from their work and enjoy what they do; it’s meaningful.  This feeling reduces stress which increases productivity.
In a nutshell, to do your part in having happy staff do the following:
Be a “Best Place to Work” – At GES, we believe that companies should strive to be a “Best Place to Work”.  This can be as simple as setting clear expectations, boundaries and demonstrating healthy leadership.  Have regular performance ratings, a sound staff handbook with fair policies, standard operating procedures, and ongoing training. To us it also includes building a culture that encourages both fun and individuality.
Value your staff – Offer praise and recognition when appropriate.  Say thank you.  Ask how they are doing. Smile.
Have a productive atmosphere/work area – Be sure to have the tools needed to get the job done.  Offer comfortable chairs, after all most of our industry works behind a desk the majority of the day.
Get people involved – Have regular meetings where people can ask questions and voice their concerns and/or opinions.  Have a suggestion box and be sure to respond to the suggestions.  Create a sense of family, have fun together.
Make a philanthropic effort – Give staff the ability to donate their time and/or money in support of helping others. People feel better about themselves and overall have better lives when they volunteer.
What does this mean for you? – Keeping staff happy creates a great working and productive environment.  By respecting and listening to your staff, it will give your staff the motivational push to stay loyal and committed to the goals of the company.  We are now entering a time when headhunters are “on the hunt” and as it was said before, having staff leave is inevitable, but having happy staff leave is not.

One of GES’ Not So Civil Strikers bowling teams “Livin on a Spare”

Shawna DeSart preparing breakfast

Shawna DeSart preparing breakfast

happy 2

Scott enjoying “Bring your dog to work” day at GES.


April Fool’s Day fun = happy staff coming together as a team.


GES volunteering at Habitat for Humanity

smile 4

Some of the happy GES team!


Borhan happily reviewing a document in his pajamas.


A banana split break to award a hard working staff = big smiles!


Holiday fun

Operation Finally Home

Operation Finally Home