Client: Pulte Homes/Del Webb

Anthem @ Mesquite 2000-Acre Master Planned Community Mesquite, Nevada- GES provided general subsurface soil conditions and geology, site grading and earthwork, including hillside grading. Evaluated engineering properties of the soils, which will influenced the design of the future structures, including: bearing capacity, settlement potential, lateral earth pressures, foundation design criteria, groundwater considerations, seismic design criteria including site class, pavement sections, slope stability evaluations and underground utility backfill recommendations.  GES provided a Design Level Geotechnical Investigation for the 2,000-acre project.  After completion of the geotechnical phase during mass grading operations, GES performed density testing during structural fill placement and compaction, evaluated the suitability of fill placed, and observed general construction during mass grading to evaluate conformance to the project Geotechnical Investigation.  GES coordinated observation and testing as requested by the contractor and reported the results to the Client. GES provided supervision of our engineering technicians and provided recommendations regarding the grading operations at the project to the contractor or Client, as requested by the Client.  Observation and testing services during mass grading included many roadways.  One of the larger roadways was Falcon Ridge Parkway with a 120-foot right-of-way width.  GES performed materials testing services for off-site improvements including test compaction of backfill within sewer, water, storm drain, and dry utility trenches, and Type II Aggregate Base; observe, sample, and test concrete for curbs, gutters, sidewalks, drop inlets, valley gutters, manholes, driveway approaches, and light pole bases; and observe, sample, and test asphalt concrete for roadways.